Know Autism

Autism spectrum disorder is a developmental disorder that affects communication and conduct. Though autism can be analyzed at any age, it is called “developmental disorder” because the symptoms usually appear in the first two years of life.

People with ASD:

  • Trouble communicating and interacting with people
  • Banned Interests and Repetitive Behavior
  • Signs that affect the functioning of the person properly in school, work and other areas of life

Symptoms of ASD

  • People with ASD have difficulty with social communication and negotiation, restricted interests and repetitive behaviors.
  • Making a little or discreet eye contact.
  • Not to see or hear people.




HonanaryAmbassador , Founder /Owner of Emirates Walk for Autism And Co Chairperson Global for Children with Determination.

Has achieved Dubai Police with Best Teacher Award , Global CEO Award McMillianwoods , United Nation Women National Committee Canada, Excellence Kennedy, Sheikh Khalifa Token by ADICOE and Women Excellence Group.

We aim to educate and support the understanding for the children and adults with Autism with addition focusing to the elder age as well. In today’s society, it is difficult enough to grasp what Autism and Asperger’s Syndrome is about,

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Komal jain

Humanity is a synonym word for Emirates walk for Autism. They make great efforts in taking care of every single child with Autism Spectrum. Really appreciate their work, I recommend them as best Dubai autism center.

Kavita Negi

Volunteering in Dubai at Emirates walks for Autism for one year. I really enjoyed spending time with children’s of the center. Together we rigorously work towards giving a better environment and a good life to kids. To educate people more about the cause is our motto.

Deepak Kumar

Emirates Walk for Autism is one of the bestcharity organizations in Dubai where all children are treated equal and provided good therapies. Children’s love to spend time with the staff and management. They create a joyous environment.

Sonam Negi

One of the best Ngo’s in Dubai with calming atmosphere. I would highly recommend them to anyone looking for therapies for their children. The team are really helpful and encouraging. One of the

Kamal Rai

One of the finest child development center in Dubai with best teachers and management who are always eager to serve people for good. Their kind efforts towards the betterment of kids make them the best special schools in Dubai.

Megha Joshi

They are a team of extremely knowledgeable therapists. Thank you for all your support. I would highly recommend this emirates autism center. After working with them I found they are the best charity organizations in UAE.


myths about autism

We have put together 9 myths about Autism to help eradicate delusions. 1. Myth: People with Autism aren’t friendly Truth: If someone is autistic in your class, they may struggle with social skills, which can be difficult to communicate with peers. They may feel shy or...

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Here are some tips for the autistic child's parents. 1) Get ready for a marathon. You are about to start an ever-ending marathon. Purchase some books. You have a lot of time in the therapy waiting room. Enjoy reading some check-to-brain-in-the-door novels. 2) Get away...

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Here are five things that you can do immediately to teach better autism children. 1. Connect with mother. Mother is one of the biggest supporters. Talk to the heart of the child with your mother's heart. Share your difficulties. Tell him that you want to help. Ask for...

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Rain Man: A movie that brings out Autism to attention

Rain Man is all about two brothers, one with the autism spectrum and another one is dealing with him. How a younger brother takes care, tackle and understand his elder brother who is autistic but has a remarkable mind. Rather than sugarcoating autism, the movie portrays autism in a naturalistic way. It also manifests the pains and pleasures of living and working with someone with autism. This movie depicts a debate over either autism is increasing or it is just being better diagnosed. Both way, Rain Man brought autism out into the open and gave autism public attention.