We have put together 9 myths about Autism to help eradicate delusions.

1. Myth: People with Autism aren’t friendly

Truth: If someone is autistic in your class, they may struggle with social skills, which can be difficult to communicate with peers. They may feel shy or uncomfortable, but only because they are not able to tell their wishes for relationships just as you do.

2. Myth: People with autism cannot feel or express any feelings

Truth: Autism makes a person unable to realize the feelings you feel, it tells the person in different ways (and experiences feelings) in different ways.

3. Myth: People with autism cannot understand the feelings of others.

Truth: Autism often affects the ability of a person to understand the interpersonal communication so the autistic person cannot detect sadness on the basis of a person’s body language or a voice in a voice. But, when emotions are communicated more directly, then people with autism are more likely to feel sympathy and compassion for others.

4. Myth: People suffering from autism are psychologically disabled.

Truth: Often, autism brings with it many extraordinary abilities as challenges. A lot of people suffering from autism have more intelligence than common sense and some may be excellent in math, music or any other discovery.

5. People suffering from autism are similar to the movie characters

Truth: Autism is a spectrum disorder, which means that its characteristics are very different from one person to another. Knowing a person with Autism means – Knowing a person with autism. The abilities and limitations of a person are not an indication of the capabilities and limitations of another person with autism.

6. Myth: Those people who exhibit such qualities that can be specific to the autistic person are just odd and will come out of it.

Truth: Autism stems from biological conditions which affect the brain’s development and, for many individuals, is a lifelong situation.

7. Myth: Autism only affects children.

Truth: A child with autism has become adults with autism.

8. Myth: Autism is just a brain disorder.

Truth: Research has shown that many people with autism have co-status such as epilepsy, gastrointestinal disorder, food-sensitive, and many allergies.

9. Myth: Autism is caused by poor parenting.

Truth: In the 1950s, a theory called “Refrigerant Mother’s Hypothesis” was suggested that autism was done by mothers who lack emotional heat. It has been chaotic for a long time.