“Where every milestone is a celebration. Where we cheer each other to succeed as much as our own.”

To be the path that strives to empower people affected by Autism; to be a guiding light for their families and to bring like-minded people together to educate those who are unaware of Autism. To promote Autism awareness, acceptance and address the needs of the tens of thousands facing an Autism diagnosis each year. To create an all-inclusive culture that allows people from all walks of society to be sensitive to the needs of those affected by Autism. To bring together people who are passionate about making a positive change to their community and to provide them with a platform that empowers them to do so. To use the Emirates Walk for Autism initiative to actually create a distinct change for the better in the lives of those who are genuinely impacted by Autism and the challenges it poses every day.

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Currently , Founder /Owner of Emirates Walk for Autism And Co Chairperson Global for Children with Determination.

Has achieved Dubai Police with Best Teacher Award , Global CEO Award McMillianwoods , United Nation Women National Committee Canada, Excellence Kennedy, Sheikh Khalifa Token by ADICOE and Women Excellence Group.

“Live in a society that understands and accept you”

We aim to educate and support the understanding for the children and adults with Autism with addition focusing to the elder age as well.

In today’s society, it is difficult enough to grasp what Autism and Asperger’s Syndrome is about, the degree of distress, social isolation and disadvantage by increasing number of those being diagnosed with Autism.

Although, parents, guardians, caretakers and the whole wider community are quite eager to find new ways of helping diagnosed children are mostly left to their own devices. And despite, the major increase of proposed interventions, many still fall prey to false claims and have little knowledge about the best practices, while devoting little research to proper intervention.

It is highly notable that the nurturing care parents give their child, especially in case of Autism, play a major role in a child’s development, more than any therapist can do. No one can replace the love and care the parents can provide.

Ultimately, as a totally independent body, free of any lobbing group, EWA intends to become “TRUST VOICE” amongst society’s autism community. We strive to become the guide for the most appropriate, scientifically accurate researched intervention. We, as Emirates Walk for Autism, shall continue to raise awareness and strive to develop a much better understanding of interventions for the general public in the area of autism.

We appreciate your support for the long road to recovery for Autism ensuring no child walks alone.