The Mission of Emirates walk for Autism is to spread awareness among people about the Autism as a whole. We are rigorously working towards creating awareness to help the Autistic child and adults. Together we can make a difference.

If we want to change the perspective of the society about Autism, we need to make aware of each and every sector. We as a society for spreading the Autism Awareness by making people know and understand Autism. We want to create a better world that views each individual ability as enriching that results in equal opportunities for all.

Providing information, resources and support is our main aim. People can connect and volunteer with us by joining our community through social media. Join us for a good cause something that changes the life of a person, no matter how big and small to support the cause, by simply supporting us to spread awareness around the globe.

In our awareness campaigns, we primarily focus on the Understanding of Autism, cause and cure, Therapies and more. In today’s world, it is difficult enough to grasp what Autism and Asperger’s Syndrome is about, the degree of distress, social isolation, and disadvantage by increasing the number of those being diagnosed with Autism. Although a number of parents and guardians are eager to find new ways of helping in diagnosed with autism. But still, there are a huge number of people who still are unaware of what autism is about and couldn’t able to help the child. Lack of research, knowledge, information, and awareness is the cause of this.

In these years we have widened our awareness campaigns so that each one of the needy knows about Autism.