Who are we?

We are a non- profit and a researcher for Child and youth development with an intellect that ‘disability should be able to enjoy life on an equal basis with others’. That includes enjoying personal dignity and exercising choice, control, and freedom in social, community and cultural life, in keeping with their individual lifestyle preference and, aspirations.

Our Aim

The aim of this strategy online program is to ensure that complete resources are available to the children and their families that are applied to improving outcomes of the most efficient, effective, equitable, proportionate and sustainable way.
To support the mainstreaming of learning form child and youth program that supports the process whereby the aligned with the initiative and the area-based approached to child poverty.
The child and youth program is an online platform, promoting participation from various stakeholders through membership, thereby enabling the collation of research and information/ knowledge sharing. Our creativity resource center – Website, e-learning, publications of articles, newsletters, etc for the use of its member. We aim to facilitate and enable programs, events, and initiatives that support the goals of the child and youth along with mobilizing and channeling resources and initiatives across the Globe.

Our Mission

At Child and Youth development, we aspire to create awareness about youth injustice and provide opportunities for the underprivileged youth and children to showcase their talented skills.
Our goal is:

To work together in the interests of the development of Youth and Child programs.
To foster civic engagement in the development of Youth and Child programs.
To adopt international best practices in the development of Youth and Child programs.
To increase youth participation in the private and public sector.
To ensure that the voice of children and youth is present and heard.

Education Programs

Youth and child mentoring programmes at the school and university levels;
Provision for advice and mentoring for youth and child to enable access to further and higher education in global institutions;
Counseling for personal development and addressing aspirations of youth participation in the social and economic processes;
Increased private sector participation in providing support and advise to the youth regarding different economic sectors, such as, Information Technology and Knowledge Economy, Technological Research and Development and others; and
Forums and Seminars where the youth may be able to address their concerns and difficulties regarding their personal, social and economic development.

Civic Engagement

YCC’s commitment to civic engagement is grounded in three fundamental operating principles. Firstly, YCC is promoting the educational value of civic engagement among children and youth, youth organizations, policy makers and interested academics. Secondly, YCC programs highlight the value of civic engagement as a means of enabling resilience and social support capacity among children and youth. Thirdly, YCC recognises that social and active citizenship can contribute to the achievement of greater social justice and participation, the YCC is promoting the potential of civic engagement as a means of realising children and young people’s human rights.

Civic Engagement activities and programs involve youth leaders in improving their community while developing themselves and their capacity to become agents of change. Activities range from roundtable discussions and participation on public boards and commissions to community organizing and public-awareness campaigns. Youth build their understanding of the social and political issues that interconnect us all and disadvantage some. This knowledge is then used to affect systems change and transform communities.

YCC – Youth Civic Engagement members can receive extensive training to carry the voice of youth in public policy and planning processes. Trainings include:

Community organising techniques
College/University Students Leadership Training
Project management
Meeting facilitation
Public speaking
Professional networking
Business writing
Campaign design

Mental Health

YCC will strive towards the international best practice standards for the provision of Child & Youth mental health care. YCC, in consultation with assigned members of the council, will develop a plan for an Emirates-wide system of care where children’s mental health services are child-centered, family-driven, culturally and linguistically competent and provides a coordinated system of care for children’s mental health needs throughout the Emirates.

The plan created by the Council must include a core set of services and supports that appropriately and effectively address the mental health and educational development needs of children and families along with options for stimulating more effective use of resources, assisting in developing interagency (various Education & Health organizations/governing bodies) agreements (in both Public & Private sectors), determining whether programs are evidence-based, research-based and/or theory-based and submitting those findings, thereby supporting those services and programs which are considered to be international best practices utilizing evidenced-based treatments.

Mental Health conditions and Special Needs related services are considered to incorporate the following (but not limited to):

Anxiety Disorders
Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder
Autism Spectrum Disorders
Bipolar Disorder
Borderline Personality Disorder
Eating Disorders
Global Developmental Delays
Suicide Prevention

Youth Justice

Youth justice is the protection of child and youth human rights. In addition to the right to education and the protection of mental health and well being, Youth Justice refers to the rehabilitation of young offenders or delinquents, helping show them the right path for a healthy and positive life. In addition Youth Justice will also take steps towards protection against and legislation regarding child abuse – be it physical, sexual or mental.